Ep 7 (ENG) - Yoga, social media, etc. with Caroline Perrineau

I met Caroline last May (time flies!). She’s a yoga teacher based in Paris, but used to live abroad for some time, and so when she asked if we could speak English for her community to be able to listen (and understand!) the episode, I obviously agreed! I personally follow her VERY aesthetic Instagram account for quite some time now, or read articles about her (hello Vogue), or spotted some other partnerships with companies I admire (Baya, Yoga Connect to name a few). All this to say that when I contacted her, I was a bit nervous on whether she’ll accept my proposition or not! Not only she said yes, but also invited me over (yeahhhhh I got to discover her white walls and floors) (and Sasha, her dog) (very exciting to be behind the scenes)!

One word to describe Caroline: kindness. We talked a lot about social media, how The Yoginist started, how her “signature” (this “white walls, white floors” combination I was talking above) posts started. But also what’s the intention of all this, and how aesthetic is NOT everything, and how WORDS are important. Can you feel the great energy here? Bonne écoute!

Here are the highlights of our talk:

  • How does she (not) prepare her Instagram posts

  • Adopting stray dogs (Caroline adopted Sasha while she was leaving in Shanghai some years ago)

  • Perfection and perspective

  • Taking distance with things!

  • Definition of a “public figure”

  • A day in her life and having no rhythm! (and her advice for all yoga teachers to move around the day with a scooter!)

  • Choosing the right words and what’s behind a pic

  • Keeping in touch when people you love live abroad

  • Taking 1 month off

Best for last! Sneak peak of the Asana Box:

  • A little treat before or after practice: glass of water!

  • An inspiring IG account: Madeleine Daria Alizadeh

  • Last time she felt like learning: everyday there’s something new to learn!

  • A gourou: don’t have a gourou really. Maybe Christophe André?

  • The part of her body she knows best: my heart!

  • A change she’d like to see in the yoga world: less judgement about what is yoga and what is not yoga!

Caroline will be hosting a yoga retreat early next year in Norway, check all the details here! And to book a yoga class with here, that’s here!