Ep 6 (ENG) - Meditation? What is this crazy thing? with Bernd Windhofer

Do you know that the yoga physical practice has been designed in India for one greater purpose than enjoying a physical practice? The asanas (yoga postures) have been designed to make your body strong and flexible enough to stay still in a meditation posture for hours… days… weeks… or even months!

But let’s be honest, meditation and staying still for even 15 minutes is not an easy thing, and I will be the first to say that one year ago I will have just say “meditation? no way!” but then… I met Bernd!

Bernd is a famous Bali yoga teacher, known for his intense style that makes him unique and his classes super popular… but what people tend to overlook is that Bernd is first a very advanced meditation practitioner; his yoga physical practice is incredible because for him it is a way to reach his mind! So let’s ask him all the questions you may ask yourself about meditation. The How, the Why, the What and the Where! and TADAAAAAM: you got a 25 minutes episode, a high concentrated podcast of Bernd meditation knowledge.

So enjoy and… Bonne écoute!

Here are the highlights of our talk:

  • What’s meditation in the yoga practice

  • The benefits of meditation

  • How to learn meditation with our busy life

  • How to deepen a meditation practice

  • Bonus: tips to choose the right meditation retreat

Sweet treat: the Asana Box

  • Your mantra: Om Namaha - Not mine

  • The best place to meditate: A quiet place!

  • Your favorite meditation posture: Cross legged on a cushion with my knees lower than my hips (examples here)

  • Silent or instrumental meditation: Silent

  • Guided or alone: Guided until I know how to practice and then alone

  • If meditation was described in one word: Vastness