Ep 4 (ENG) - Where does the “feel good yoga” magic come from? with Ambyr D’Amato

As many others, I first started yoga as a physical practice and at one point of my life I noticed a change. I was not going there for sport, not for endurance, not for muscle even though my body was changing with my practice. I was coming to my mat to feel good. As stupid as it sounds we are a huge number of people now in the world to practice yoga because it just feels good.

For many of us this switch from exercise to feel good practice was inspired by someone. I met one of these magician, and wanted to share on this podcast her incredible energy! Ambyr, a 13 years experienced yoga teacher, cultivates in her teaching the inclusiveness of yoga, the body positivity, and the feel good today feeling. 

Where does she come from? How does she do that? And what does she think of the growing yoga industry that we live on nowadays?

Here are the highlights of our talk:

  • Her first dramatic experience with yoga

  • How does she help your students create a mind and body connection

  • Her tips to gradually move from a physical to a mindful practice

  • How does she feel about the yoga industry and how to make sure yoga stay inclusive for everyone regardless of weight, race and gender

Sweet treat: the Asana Box

  • First yoga class impression: hate

  • Yoga morning or afternoon: morning

  • One Instagram yogi: Aaron Diamon’s IG, I love his account because he posts real poses

  • What are you doing after our interview: teaching at the beautiful studio yogamaya

  • Your feared asana: chaturanga dandasana

  • Your favorite asana: pigeon

  • Any projects coming: I am a musician and I have an album coming up! Look out for Ambyr D’Amato on spotify!